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United Care Development Services (UC)

United Care Development Services (UC) is a Philanthropy Exchange which provides a wider giving platform through the Four Donations For Development (Chaar Daan, Chaar Dhaam) initiative, which invites contributions in the form of 1. Volunteering(Shram Daan) 2. In Kind Donations(Vastu Daan) 3. Waste Donations (Kachra Daan) 4. Financial(PostPay) Donations(Dhan Daan) UC's objective is to generate Resources for Result oriented social work, in the areas of Education, Health and Environment.

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Website : http://yousee.in/

Organization Type : Section 25 Company

Domain : Waste Management, Health, Environment

Contact Person : Gunaranjan P, Founder and Director

Phone : Office - 8008-884422
Contact Person - 8008884422

Email : contact@yousee.in

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