"Don't Waste, Donate Waste " / "Kachra Daan, Karo Kalyan" is a citizen driven waste management initiative promoted by UC. We welcome you, your neighbours and your organisation to participate in this initiative. This initiative commenced in October 2010.

The map below gives shows cities where Donations Camps for donating Recyclable or Reusable items are organised and also places where C Gardens (Composting Centers) have been set up.

A visual tour of this initiative:

Why Donate?

You can give the value generated from Recyclables and give the Reusable items donated for Charity. You're not only bringing smiles to several unfortunate people, but also helping environment by reducing waste.

  • Recyclables can be given to recyclers and value generated is used to make postpay donations for social work projects.
  • Reusables like Clothes, Books, Toys etc. are given to Organisations serving the underprivileged.

To put it in a nutshell, here is an opportunity to – Save the Planet, Serve the Poor / Kachra Daan, Karo Kalyan. So the next time before we throw away a piece of paper or a polythene wrapper or any other waste, pause for a moment, and choose to donate it rather than throwing it away.

What to Donate?

Recylables: (Donate Waste / Kachra Daan)
  • Paper (Shredded Paper, Used Notebooks, Packing Paper and Cartons, Magazines, Newspapers)
  • Plastics (Bags, Wraps, Bottles etc.)
  • Glass (Bottles).
  • Metal & E-Waste(Batteries and Electronic Items)
  • Food/Garden Waste:
    • In communities which are willing to set aside some space for composting of organic/wet waste, UC helps to set up composting centers called as C Gardens. The compost generated from these centers can be used as manure for gardening wihtin the community or donated for other communities.
Reusables: (Donate In-Kind / Vastu Daan)
  • Clothes, Books, Toys (let us not use this as an opportunity to discard stuff that you could still use, to indulge in weekend shopping . Your extra change can be donated directly for a good cause or to buy things for a charity).