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UC facilitates volunteers to engage in predictable and structured volunteering initiatives with various Non-Profit organisations. We welcome you to sign up for some of the volunteering opportunities listed here. You can also download UC's android mobile app, to view and receive alerts about volunteering opportunities.

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Provide help with your personal vehicle to transport Books, Clothes, Toys etc for a Cause

Details: We receive Books, Clothes, Toys etc at the monthly donations camps at Hyderabad, which need to be transported to a central sorting place for onward distribution to NGOs. You can help us transport these items in your personal vehicle(four wheeler) from the camp locations to the sorting center at Panjagutta.

General Project Activity Onsite
Partner: United Care Development Services (UC)

Health Education Videos Development

Details: UC identifies available health education content, develops new content needed and also mobilises resources for putting in place communication infrastructure like TVs etc for Health Facilities so that visitors to Public Health Facilities can be educated about various Health Care topics. This activity aims to enable preventive Health Care Behaviour and Healthy Lifestyle choices, both for people visiting Public Health Care facilities and also for use for a wider audience, by making this content available online and in other formats necessary for dissemination. Volunteers with skills in Storyboard Preparation, Telugu Script writing, Video editing are welcome to support this initiative.

General Health Project Activity Onsite
Partner: United Care Development Services (UC)
Skills Required: Storyboard Preparation, Video Editing

Career Counselling workshops training

Details: The activity is to provide training to interested volunteers who would like to visit Government schools across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and conduct goal setting and career counselling workshops. These workshops are a 3 hour module focusing on goal setting and exposing 9th and 10th standard students to various career opportunities. Interested volunteers would be provided training who would then visit schools to conduct the workshop. All the relevant supporting material would be provided to the volunteers.

General Education Project Activity Onsite
Partner: Nirmaan Organization
Skills Required: Good communication skills in Telugu

Track the development of New born Baby discharged from intensive care.

Details: Follow up for a few months, with one underprivileged family, to ensure attention to nutrition and compliance to medical advice for their New born Baby who has been discharged from intensive care due to birth related complications. This would help track key indicators to minimise risks to long term growth and development of the child. UC would connect volunteers with underprivileged families seeking care at Public Health Institutions.

General Health Project Activity Onsite
Partner: United Care Development Services (UC)