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UC is run by volunteers and we ecourages more volunteers to engage in predictable and structured volunteering effort. We welcome you to sign up for some of the volunteering opportunities listed here.

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Guide Patients and Attendants at Gandhi Hospital Emergency Area

Details: Nearly 300 emergency visits are made everyday to the Emergency Department of Gandhi Hospital at Secunderabad. The services provided at this government hospital are free of charge and serve the most needy people. Volunteers are invited to commit 2 hours per week, on a day and timing convenient to them, to guide patients and attendants move quickly to different services areas within the Emergency Department. Every minute saved for each of these patients at the Emergency Department can make a positive difference to their health outcomes. Volunteers will have to undergo an orientation program and be cleared by the concerned hospital authority to undertake this volunteer activity.

General Health Project Activity Onsite
Partner: United Care Development Services (UC)
Skills Required: Compliance to Health Care Guidelines, Compliance to Timings, Patience