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Code for Community (C4C) is an initiative to promote development and usage of Free and Open Source technology solutions for Social causes. UC ( ) has been involved in engaging volunteers to support development of free and open source software applications for some of the social work programs it has been extending support to. UC's site itself and the Health Information System called Health4All, have been entirely developed by a volunteer team, over a period of 5 years, demonstrating the kind of delivery level that is possible with consistent volunteering effort. The Health4All and a couple of health care related applications being developed by the volunteer team at UC are now being used at several large Public Hospitals and Indian Red Cross Society Blood Banks in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and also by a few Non-Profits involved in health care delivery and a few Public Health Infrastructure Development institution. These applications provide efficiencies to these institutions and indirectly to the people served by them. More such public purpose institutions are keen to use such applications and UC hopes to take this effort forward through the C4C initiative. Test versions of these applications can be accessed at Code4Community

Volunteers and Skills:

Volunteers with the following skills are welcome to contribute in this initiative.
Skills: MySQL, PHP, Model View Controller (MVC) framework, Code Igniter, Bootstrap CSS, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, AngularJS, Git Version Control, Manual Testing, Documentation.
Coding Guidelines: Here are some coding guidelines we recommend for the volunteers contributing to applications in the C4C initiative. To participate and know more about this initiative, you are welcome to contact by email: or call +91-9000183123

Free and Open Source Solutions supported by UC

Health4All – A health information system which can be used to manage Patient Information at Hospitals and Mobile Clinics. This application currently has the following modules - Patient Registration, Blood Bank, Lab, Equipment Tracker, Sanitation Tracker and Staff. This application has ongoing development with more modules getting added to it.
Project Tracker – designed for tracking high level progress of projects being executed by Public Sector Infrastructure Development Corporations in India.

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1 Testing Hyderabad, Hyderabad Make UC's open source IT solutions robust Recurring